Ophelia (starrynight) wrote in no_pity,

Work update....

I finished my first week of work and I'm seriously thinking of quitting. I'm not feeling too hot so I'm a little cranky at the moment, but basically my job is scheduling me for shifts that I find are too long and want me to work 15-20 hours instead of the 12 I requested.

When I said that working more than four hours is difficult for me, the manager said: "but you won't always get shifts that are four hours."

I wrote on my paper application that I only wanted 12 hours a week, and same with the online application.

Within five minutes of working, I sweat uncontrollably with a/c, so I'm always tired during my shifts and I now know why I'm not allowed a stool as a cashier. There's too much going on, like having to remove sensors of clothes, having to put hangers and clothes on a return rack, etc.

I'm going to try to stick it out this week but I doubt I'll stay around after that. It's not worth running myself ragged for $7.25/hr at TJ Maxx.
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