June 16th, 2008

Project Management Class On-line

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This is an online, international event that will be held in Second Life, but is accessible to those not on Second Life via IRC chat. See below for details.

Presented by: Leslie H. Jarmon (Second Life: Bluewave Ogee), Ph.D., Senior Lecturer, The Graduate School, The University of Texas at Austin

Have you been wanting to start an organization to support your cause? Or get your school to start a group to support a subject that is important to you? How about remodeling your bathroom to be more accessible? Some of us just need help planning what to make for dinner. Whatever project you have in mind, this workshop will help you learn how to organize your thoughts into action!

The PURPOSE of this workshop is to provide you with practical, immediately useful strategies for managing your projects, whether work-related, school-related, or personal. This is designed for anyone -- managers, students, professionals, artists, retirees, etc. No pre-requisites! But DO come with a specific project in mind. It can be a new project or one that is already driving you crazy!


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