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Catheter -- experiences??


I’ve always had the odd slip-up with my bladder, but usually my control is very good, although I have good & bad days with it. When I’m stressed or upset it's not, (“stress-wee” if you will), I'm on tablets for it & for anxiety. I had a cat & dachshund who had the same problems; the dachshund even peed while he walked.

I've been in situations where I’ve been unable to move, speak (apart from foldmaking a noise like “AUUUGH”), or think cos the pain's so bad, & any accidents are like a cloud burst. I never feel totally empty. I could be on the loo for ages but not be “done”. Where I live, they all try their best for me but they can't do my things every 5 secs; (they can't do anyone's things every 5 secs)

I'm sick to death of all this & want a cath – an inside one – now -- but apparently there's no medical need for me to have one & it'll make me more disabled(!)

Every time I voice my concerns it's just chalked up to anxiety, & if I went out more I’d be fine
[sarcasm](course I will, I’ll just hold it in all day, shall I?? [/sarcasm]
I've always just managed with adult nappies (diapers) but I hate them cos it's embarrassing, & when I’ve been out they've always been drenched.

I want to go to various things I’ve always had a yen for – Renfaires, folk festivals etc. I’m a CPAP patient so I wouldn't manage all day cos of being unable to stand, no hoist (something about insurance) I also want to do supported living in the future, & there'd be more chance of this working was I cathed.

What should I say to the dr. when I see them ??
Is it worth getting a carer on-side ?

If you've got one

1 – how do you manage??
2-- What does it feel like ??
3 – How long did it take to get it ??
4 – Do you ever regret your decision ?? Why/why not ??

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